Mental health crises may vary in form – they may be developmental, situational, or a result of severe trauma. The focus will generally be on individuals with either a psychotic, manic or depressive illness who are currently experiencing an acute episode. Suicidal acts or threats, or acts or threats of violence towards others may be common scenarios when patients need to be seen urgently to prevent harm to self or others.

At PEOPLE TREE Maarga, we offer Emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week via assessments at our . For patients who are deemed to be needing 1 to 1 nursing and medical care, we offer the 06 bedded . Unfortunately, in some severely mentally unwell persons, there is a high risk of violence and self harm. In such individuals, management needs to be offered in a safe and a low stimulating environment. At PEOPLE TREE Maarga, we offer specially designed Mental Health Seclusion Room with 24 hours nursing care.

We also provide in the community. PEOPLE TREE Maarga offers a 24/7 Emergency patient retrieval and admission service for patients in a mental health crisis.