Liaison psychiatry is the interface between physical and mental health and deals with those disorders in which mental (emotional or thinking) or behavioural features are prominent. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, nearly 25% of all patients in general hospitals have mental health problems and 60% of admitted people above 65yrs will develop a mental disorder during their admission.

We provide Liaison psychiatric services for empanelled general medical hospitals / nursing homes. We take care of the entire mental health needs of your hospital. The following are a few ways in which we can increase the quality of care offered in your hospital:

General Medical support service:

Screening, assessment and management of psychiatric co-morbities.

Suicide and Deliberate self harm assessment

Screening and assessment of medico-legal cases where appropriate

Transplant screening for psychiatric co-morbities

Screening in Bariatric and Cosmetic surgery cases

Support for neurological and neurosurgical cases

Support for oncology and palliative care medicine

Assessment and management of violent & aggressive / agitated behaviours

Alcohol / Drug related problems (withdrawal states)

Delirium (ICU Psychosis)-nearly 25% of all cases

Management in Medically unexplained symptoms

Pain management

We offer a multi-disciplinary team (Psychiatrists, Psychologists / Counsellors, Social Workers) approach at the general hospital through a single point of contact.


Stress management courses

Team building

Occupational Health Policies (eg. Bullying, sexual harassment, domestic violence)