We provide a comprehensive rehabilitation package for people with chronic and enduring mental conditions with frequent relapses, functional impairments, issues with insight, compliance and other risk factors.

Our unique rehabilitation model includes:

Focus on recovery and social inclusion

Unique progress mapping - transparent and measurable

Robust care planning

Working closely with families to determine care pathway, discharge planning and time line staging

Improve activities of daily living and personal hygiene (ADL)

Focus on enhancing insight into condition and the need for treatment

Promote independence and vocational / educational / occupational opportunities

Support with housing

Family psychoeducation

Community trials prior to discharge

Contingency planning

Crisis management

Relapse prevention

Community support

Day care / respite admissions


The strongest contribution to mental health would be the preventive application of yoga in society in general, given what we know about the excellent benefits of yoga practice on risk factors for psychiatric conditions. It is clearly more cost-effective and efficacious to prevent mental health diseases, than to treat them once they have manifested as clinically significant conditions.


At MAARGA day hospital, we provide day treatment centre and day hospital services where support, supervision and monitoring for users in transition between hospitalization and life at home. It is a source of long-term structure and support for those with chronic handicaps, preferably in a friendly, low-pressure environment. The components of support include crisis interventions, relapse prevention, improving social competence, fostering social networks, and coordination of care. For some users, the day care centre is a site for short-term focused rehabilitation or for relatively brief intensive therapy (Holloway, 1988). Day care is a cost-effective way of monitoring patients’ progress and ensuring they maintain well. It is a viable option for long-term management in the community of persons with chronic psychiatric disabilities, who are symptomatically less acute and have greater long term social or vocational problems.